Last Updated: March 17, 2015

Promoted as “the intensive eye cream to effectively combat not one, but three of the most aggravating beauty problems,” Hydrolyze has been patronized as an eye cream solution to dark under-eye circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and the appearance of eye bags. Its website emphasizes that while surgery can’t fix dark circles, Hydrolyze has been shown to significantly improve dark circles in 95% of users, decrease appearance of eye bags in 90% of users, and decrease appearance of crow’s feet in 85% of users, among others. Among its greatest claims? Eight to nine out of 10 users saw visible results.

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Official Site:

1 bottle at $69.95


Not disclosed on the site

Apply by massaging the cream around the eye contour region. (Note: No actual how-to-use information is published on the Hydrolyze site.)


  • Offers results of a 60-day independent survey
  • Featured in many eye cream reviews in mainstream TV, magazines, etc


  • Conceals full ingredient list
  • Auto-ship and auto-renew that not all buyers may be aware of


  • 30-Day Free Product Trial
  • Free Balancing Toner worth $40 upon ordering Hydrolyze


8.3/10 Deep in our hearts we hope that as a wildly popular eye cream for dark circles, Hydrolyze isn’t all smoke and mirrors. It’s been advertised and featured all over mainstream media, such as in USA Today, USA Weekend, Los Angeles Times, and Newsweek, and has garnered much attention among users online. We are quite taken aback, though, by the fact that it doesn’t disclose full ingredient list anywhere on the site. With its extreme popularity and relatively high trust enjoyed among eye cream enthusiasts, shouldn’t it need to be more transparent to its market? You should know, too, that once you click “Order Now” on the site, you’re automatically enrolled in the “Beauty Auto Ship Club” that will bill you $69.95 every two months for a two-month supply. You’ll also pay shipping and processing fees for every new shipment. As for results, we are impressed with the hydrated, healthier look of the problem area – Hydrolyze could be one of those leading brands, we just wish they would list their ingredients and be sure watch out for those Autoship programs that aren’t for everyone.

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