Last Updated: December 30, 2017

Developed by EliteSkin, Elite Eye Serum boasts of a proprietary blend of proteins and peptides combined with DNA precursors and antioxidants. It targets to minimize the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and to improve tone and firmness around the eyes. Claiming to restore “youthful-looking eye contour” in patients of all ages, Elite Serum combines pharmaceutical-grade components with natural ingredients like aloe vera and resveratrol to achieve maximum results.

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1 bottle at $99.00


“A highly concentrated dose of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients such as Argireline®, Haloxyl®, Eyeliss™ and Hyaluronic Acid,” plus Aloe Vera, Acai Berry, GABA,  Resveratrol, and other ingredients.


Apply by massaging the cream around the eye contour region. (Note: No actual how-to-use information is published on the Elite Serum site.)


  • Comprehensive clinical findings
  • Contains nature’s richest wonders (like superfruit acai berry)
  • Anti-aging claims are aligned with other EliteSkin product potential treatments


  • Poor site functionalities and FAQ section
  • Lacks safety warnings and guidelines
  • Dwells more on the pharmaceutical


  • Monthly specials
  • Other EliteSkin products at discounted prices


8/10 Although there’s the issue of potency and processing, the natural key components of Elite Serum (aloe vera, acai berry, GABA, and resveratrol) are an attractive feature of the product. However, this is somehow negated by the strong “pharmaceutical-grade components of its formula, which requires safety warnings that are actually nowhere on the site. Quite honestly, it also takes a lot of patience to sift through the overwhelming clinical reports, which are laid down in a vertical fashion. And we dare ask: How many days or weeks does it take to see actual results? Although its testimonials and photos are already a good starting point, Elite Serum needs to walk its talk through setting expectations, like how much of those ugly dark circles under the eyes will be gone in 10 days or so. Sounds good but can they walk the talk?

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