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1st VANISHÉE - (97%)
Aging, stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep are all facts of life, and don’t come and go without leaving their mark. One of the greatest casualties of all these villains is the skin around your eyes, which Vanishée, from a family of high end beauty produts, targets to restore, preserve, and enhance.“Fast-acting and effective,” this non-sticky eye cream is promoted to fight dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, an area made up of sensitive, highly delicate skin. Its other benefits are firming, lifting, protecting against oxidation and free radicals, smoothening, softening, and a more younger-looking appearance. The stats at hand? Up to 67% decrease in dark circles and 67% increase in firmness after a month. The site adds that up to 116% firmness can also be expected in two months.
2nd EYEVIVE - (85%)
Emphasizing the fact that your eyes and skin can be the ultimate collector of ugly things once aging takes its toll, EyeVive is touted as a dermatological breakthrough that safely and effectively reverses the effects of aging around the eyes such as dark circles, puffiness, dark lines, and wrinkles. Its effectiveness is pegged on the collagen it helps produce, which in turn dramatically helps reduce dark circles, puffiness, and bags. Its “micro circulation technology” includes peptides to nourish skin and get it on the way to recovery and rejuvenation.
3rd EYELASTICITY - (75%)
4th PREVERA - (71%)
Fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes are facts of life that we should recognize, practically because no matter how we deny their existence, they are here to stay and wreak havoc on that important facial zone. What Prevera intends to do is to serve as an anti-wrinkle technology “at an incredible price.” Its peptide complex also aims to lock in moisture to fight dark circles and other imperfections in that notorious under-eye region.
5th DERMAVEXIN - (69%)
Dermavexin is promoted as an “advanced dark circle formula” that restores skin through its stem-cell technology, which is marked as an advantage against competitors on so many levels. This eye cream for dark circles boasts of a five-peptide blend – Peption 5, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, Oligopeptide-29, Octapeptide-4 and Decapeptide-7 – to help stimulate cells in rejuvenating themselves.

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